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The bag making industry does not get much press at all, but just think about it, without bags we wouldn’t be able to carry very much stuff, what about groceries what about our launch? XINDA offers a comprehensive range of flexible packaging solutions. Our bag making machines will produce the finest quality bags for all your needs. The company is located in Rui’an – a rich coastal city, providing numerous logistical advantages, including transportation, and human resources. We have established a manufacturing plant spanning an area of more than 2,000m2 and staffed her with over 30 highly-experienced employees. We are one of the first companies in Rui’an city who began production of non-woven bag making machines in 2006. In 2011 we earned the right to export our products independently. At XINDA our passion and dedication drives us to develop a comprehensive range of technologically advanced new products which fulfill customer’s needs and provides a great benefit for all.

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Xinda is a specialized manufacturer of non-woven bag making machines. We offer a full range of flexible packaging solutions. Our location in Rui’an – a rich coastal city provides numerous logistical advantages. Our manufacturing plant spans an area of more than 2,000m2. It is staffed by over 30 highly-experienced employees.

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Ruian Xinda Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address: Jingye Road, Economic and Development Zone, Dongshan Street, Rui’an City, Zhejiang Province, China
Hot line: +86-577-65162166
Fax: +86-577-65131220

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