XD-T600 Non-woven Handle Fixing Machine

This machine is mainly used to create a bond between handles and non-woven tote bags. It is equipped with a stepper motor and a high-precision conveyor to feed all materials smoothly. The equipment’s functions cover automatic folding, bonding, cutting, manual control, etc. Also available is a human-machine interface for setting all kinds of parameters intuitively and conveniently. Because of the above-mentioned advantages, our product has become an essential auxiliary machine for those non-woven bag manufacturing plants.

  • The entire machine

  • Control system

  • Critical parts

  • Conveyor

  • Details

  • Feeding unit

  • Discharging unit

  • Human-machine interface

Main features of the non-woven handle fixing machine:
1. Its main function is to create a bond between handles and non-woven tote bags.
2. Unique structural design
3. Stepper motor and precise conveyor are available for feeding materials smoothly.
4. Functions encompass automatic folding, bonding, cutting, manual control, etc.
5. Human-machine interface is provided for setting various parameters intuitively and conveniently.

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